A Toast to Cicero

There are a million beer blogs on the web these days, so why start my own? While there is a tremendous amount of beer information floating around out there, as with everything on the internet, it can’t always be trusted. Any schmuck with a can of Coors in his hand can call himself a beer expert and post a blog entry hailing himself as such. It takes much more than a few six packs of carefully crafted beer to be considered a connoisseur. The world needs passionate people who not only have amassed a tremendous amount of beer knowledge, but who are also willing to share it with those that seek it without pretension.

For too long beer has been considered a low-brow beverage. For too long cheap, watered down swill has been marketed to us as beer and for too long it has been guzzled up at college parties and beyond without any thought or reason to question.

I intend this site to be more of a personal account of my journey through the world of beer.   If it remains buried in the heap of other beer blogs out there, so be it.

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