Brief History of Homebrewing

18 Nov

Not that there is anything wrong with stamp collecting.

Last week, a bill was signed in Michigan that made it legal for businesses, with a license to sell alcohol, to host events where homebrewed beer is served.  Though it may seem trivial, this represents a major victory in the struggle by brewers nationwide to get outdated, restrictive beer laws off of the books.

Thanks to poor wording of the 21st amendment, making beer for private consumption remained illegal after the repeal of Prohibition.  It was not until 1979 that the federal government changed this, however many states still had their own laws regarding brewing on the books.  Many of these laws severally restricted the act of making beer at home, while some outright forbade it.  Over the past three decades these laws have been challenged and repealed one by one thanks to the hard work and determination of local hobbyists.  Today, Alabama and Mississippi stand as the only two states in which homebrewing is still illegal.

Anyway, to celebrate, the American Homebrewers Association published a very brief history of homebrewing from ancient Mesopotamia and Sumeria right up to today.  It is a quick, entertaining read, so check it out if you are interested.


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